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Things to bring to your appt

The Ins And Outs of How We Do Business

  • What do I need to bring for my first appointment?
    The following are needed for your first appointment: * Photo ID such as Driver's License * All Insurance Cards, if applicable * Prescription medications, if applicable
  • What is a Patient Portal?
    A patent portal helps you stay connected to your health care appointments. A patient portal is a website for your personal health care. The online tool helps you to keep track of your health care provider visits, test results, billing, prescriptions, and so on. You can also e-mail your provider questions through the portal. Click on the link for more information:
  • How do I receive my medical records?
    Due to the additional time and costs incurred, there is a charge of $0.25 per page for mailing copies of medical records. Otherwise there is no cost for electronic submissions. To inquire about medical records, please send a message with date and birthdate to:
  • I was told by pharmacy my prescription needs a prior authorization, what does that mean?"
    Prior authorization (PA) is a requirement that your health care provider obtain approval from your health insurance plan to prescribe a specific medication for you. PA is a technique for minimizing costs, wherein benefits are only paid if the medical care has been pre-approved by the insurance company. This is usually the case for very expensive medications. Without this PA, your insurance plan may not pay for your medication. Even then, the insurance company – not the health care provider– has the final say in the matter. An alternative medication may be needed if insurance declines to pay for the prescription.

policies of clinic

Patients must be seen a minimum of at least once every three months to be considered an active patient and to receive medication refills.  Due to the nature of mental health care, visits are usually two months or less to monitor for recovery.

Often times patients are seen more frequently during medication adjustments.

Payments Accepted

We accept self pay as well as some insurance plans.

All co-payments, coinsurance and/or deductible payments are due at time of appointment. 

Cancellation Policy

A 48 hour noticed is preferred but to avoid a missed appointment fee of $50 you must cancel before 24 hours before next appointment

No Show Policy

A no show fee of $50 is assessed for missed appointments.  Patients are subject to dismissal after missing three appointments without 24-hour notification.  Please email, call to leave a message or reschedule calendar to avoid this problem.

Medication Shortage due to cancellation/no show

Medications work best when taken as prescribed.  Use patient messaging portal, call, or email ASAP to get the next available appointment.  Enough medications will be prescribed to current pharmacy to make the next appointment.

Medication Refill

It is the routine of this office to electronically submit a prescription to last at least until the next appointment.  There should be no need for additional refills if appointments are kept.  If your medication will not make it to next appointment please leave a message in the patient portal, call or email ASAP.  Please contact at least five business days before prescription runs out.  Exceptions are typically on a one time case-by-case basis.

Excuse Letter

Letters to excuse work, school, or other activities will be provided only for the day of appointment.

Emotional Support Animal Letter

This clinic does not complete forms for an emotional support animal.  Please review sources such as USA Service Dog Registration and American Service Pets among others.

Disability Forms & Legal Help

This clinic does not complete forms for disability nor is this a forensic science health care provider.  Because forensic psychiatry is not a specialty this office practice, the clinic does not provide court evaluation or provide legal opinions for child custody cases or disability.  It is recommended that you contact the social security administration or other agencies to see an independent medical examiner.  

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